Course Description

So, why an eCourse on effective financial decision making?

Americans are financially sick and the stress is literally killing them & their dreams.

They don’t have adequate savings.

They don’t have enough money to retire.

They can’t afford to lose their hard-earned money on investments they don’t understand.

They don’t know who to trust for unbiased advice on the everyday financial decisions that most affect their families.

They don’t need another sales presentation.

They don’t need info on what investments to make as they’re not trained to evaluate the risk!

They don’t need to be told to stop using credit cards and save more than they spend!

They need someone to educate them to make solid financial decisions like:

  • How to set personal financial parameters & make decisions within those parameters.
  • How to research, buy and finance their next car.
  • How to set realistic expectations about their next home purchase & how to finance it
  • How to find an effective financial, legal, & medical advisor who has their best interest.
  • How to navigate those tough mid-life difficulties like divorce, inheritance & job-loss.
  • How to put their kids through college without jeopardizing their retirement future.
  • How to prepare to come down the homestretch to retirement.
  • How to effectively ask their financial advisors the right questions to protect their money.

They won’t get this information in college.

They won’t get it from their financial or tax advisors.

They won’t get it from a biased financial wellness “lunch & learn” meeting sponsored by their 401k/retirement plan custodian.

But they will get the wisdom to make these tough decisions in this e-Course!

The creator of this course, Randy Hammon, founded The Safe Money System™ out of his frustration that people don’t usually make the best financial decisions because they’ve never been taught how to do so.

This e-Course is born out of 36 years of financial, tax and real estate advisory that Randy has provided to his clients.

Now you get the fruit of that wisdom in one course!

Ask yourself?

  • How much time would you spend researching the topics of this course?
  • How much time and energy would you need to locate the financial seminars to attend on the subjects that truly meet your needs?
  • How much would it cost to sit down with an expert in financial wellness who would personally guide you through 10-plus hours of pertinent information to meet your everyday needs?
  • How do I get this information without someone trying to sell me something --- other than the information?

Convenient. Practical. Relevant. Cost-effective.

And most importantly….. Unbiased.

Welcome to ABC Discount Shopping Online Guide to Effective Financial Clarity


Included in this course, is the Six Minutes to Financial Clarity™ Video Series!

Satisfies ERISA (DOL) 404(c) Requirement which specifies that plan participants must have "sufficient information to make informed investment choices.”

*View or Download Video Series Curriculum Here: SMFC Curriculum

Randy Hammon

After 11 years playing professional baseball, Randy Hammon hung up his cleats and joined a prestigious Wall Street firm. What he saw on Wall Street shocked him so deeply he walked away from a lucrative career as a stockbroker. He didn't want to be part of the misinformation process anymore. Since then he has spent over 30 years as a tax and retirement planning strategist. He created The Safe Money System ® to protect individuals and families from investment strategies that put their retirement savings at risk. Throughout his career, none of his clients has ever lost a dime using his system, which he shares in his book, The Safe Money System: Uncommon Wisdom to Secure Your Retirement, Without Wall Street's Risk!Randy has successfully translated the discipline and winning attitude he learned in professional sports into a unique coaching style. He helps individuals and families identify what things in life are most important to them so that they can make risk—free decisions to secure their financial future.As the founder of My Retirement Coach Inc., he put together an outstanding nationwide network of endorsed retirement coaches who implement the strategies that have secured the retirement dreams of his clients for over thirty years. Randy received his business degree from Loyola University of Los Angeles, where he also did his MBA work. He lives in Laguna Niguel, California, with his wife, Crystal, and is the father of four grown sons.FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE VISIT THESAFEMONEYSYSTEM.COM

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Start Here! --> 5 Minute Tutorial

    • Navigating the eCourse / Using Workbooks Video

    • Legal Disclaimer

  • 2

    Unit 1: What is the Purpose of Your Money? (click to expand)

    • (1.1) The Purpose of Your Money

    • (1.2) Money is a Tool

    • (1.3) Reflection Questions

    • (1.4) Evaluating the Motives of Your Advisors

    • (1.5) Wall Street's Fuzzy Math

    • (1.6) What Road Would You Take?

    • (1.7) The Four Pillars of a Successful Financial Plan

    • (1.8) Understanding True Wealth

    • (1.9) True Wealth Principle Questions

  • 3

    Unit 2: Navigating Mid-life Financial Uncertainties

    • (2.1) Navigating Life's Financial Uncertainties

    • (2.2) Divorce

    • (2.3) A Spouse's Death

    • (2.4) Disability

    • (2.5) Inheritance

    • (2.6) Midlife Family Uncertainties

    • (2.7) Reflection Questions

    • (2.8) Assessment

    • (2.9) Financial Accounting / Inventory Document

    • (3.0) Conclusion

  • 4

    Unit 3: The ABCs of Researching Your Next Car Purchase

    • (3.1) The Myth and Reality

    • (3.2) Exploring Basic Car Needs

    • (3.3) Research and Finance

    • (3.4) Research Resources

    • (3.5) The Best Ways to Finance a Purchase

    • (3.7) Conclusion

    • (3.6) Car Buying Questions

  • 5

    Unit 4: Effective Real Estate Investing

    • (4.1) The Myth and Reality

    • (4.2) The Financial Reality

    • (4.3) Two Home Buying Scenarios

    • (4.4) Choosing a Realtor and Mortgage Advisor

    • (4.5) 8 Tips for Getting the Best Mortgage Deal

    • (4.6) Helping Your Kids Buy Their First Home

    • (4.7) Partners in Investment Property

    • (4.9) Conclusion

    • (4.8) Reflection Questions

  • 6

    Unit 5: Asking the Right Questions & Choosing the Right Advisors

    • (5.1) The Myth and Reality

    • (5.2) Asking the Right Questions

    • (5.3) Choosing the Right Advisor

    • (5.4) Conclusion

  • 7

    Unit 6: Pre-Retirement Issues: Coming Down the Home Stretch

    • (6.1) The Myth and Reality

    • (6.2) When Do Americans Retire?

    • (6.3) 5 Mistakes You Can't Afford to Make in Your Retirement Planning

    • (6.4) 3 Stages as You Come Down the Home Stretch

    • (6.5) Understanding the Options

    • (6.6) Survivorship Options

    • (6.7) Cash Management Issues to Consider

    • (6.8) Reflection Questions

    • (6.9) Conclusion

  • 8

    Unit 7: Creating a Lifetime Income from Your Retirement Nest-egg

    • (7.1) The Myth and Reality

    • (7.2) "Can't Afford to Lose" Retirement Money

    • (7.3) Stock Market Growth is Essential

    • (7.4) Safe Money Strategies

    • (7.5) Long Term Care Concerns

    • (7.6) Home Equity in Retirement

    • (7.7) Reflection Questions

    • (7.8) Conclusion

  • 9

    Unit 8: Wrapping it All Up

    • (8.1) The 3 Legged Table

    • (8.2) Conclusion

  • 10

    Bonus Unit 9: Six Minutes to Financial Clarity- Educational Video Series

    • Making Wise Decisions with Retirement Assets

    • Women in Financial Transition

    • Roth IRA

    • You and your Credit Score

    • Your Options within Retirement

    • Protection from ID Theft

    • Power of Asset Allocation

    • Planning and Paying for College

    • Coming Down the Home Stretch of Retirement

    • Budgeting and Debt Elimination

    • ABCs of Wills and Trusts

    • ABCs of Life Insurance

    • ABCs of Reverse Mortgages